CfSP Team

Dragan Šutanovac

Dragan Šutanovac is an master engineer. He is the founder and the president of CfSP. Dragan  served as the Minister of Defence in the Government of the Republic of Serbia in two terms. During this period, the following goals were successfully accomplished: complete professionalization of the Serbian Armed Forces, establishment of the Defence University, record export of defence industry.

Internationally increased participation in peace missions by members of the Serbian Armed Forces, opening of the Defence Ministry Office located in Brussels, in relation with the Partnership for Peace. Also in his mandate, he servied as a protagonist of implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 – Women in Defence System.

During his activities he also acquired the following knowledge and skills:

-Senior executive seminar -George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
-Inter-agency course in Law enforcement
-Inter-agency seminar in the fields of security issues and oversight

Nikola Lunić
Executive Director

Nikola Lunić is a retired Navy Captain and former Defence Attache in London. He is co-
founder and CEO of the CfSP. Nikola has held various positions in the Serbian Armed
Forces responsible for the formulation and integration of defense policy in relation to the
political-military relations, security assistance, technology and information, exchange of
military and diplomatic activities in support of the objectives of the Government of Serbia.

He was involved in the planning and implementation of cooperation between the Ministry
of Defense and the UN, OSCE, EU, NATO within the Partnership for Peace Program and
regional initiatives that have established that organization. Recently, he was engaged as an
expert of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Ilija Pilipović

Ilija Pilipović is a mechanical engineer and co-founder of the CfSP. He built his career through the enterprises of the defense industry through marketing and sales activities as well as in the real sector. From 2007 to 2012, Ilija was Assistant Minister for Material Resources at the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Serbia. During this period, the products of the dedicated industries amounted to 250 million dollars a year and the capacities of the Serbian Army were significantly improved in technical terms.

The main fields of expertise are marketing, trade and sale of the products of the defense industry. Also, Ilija is an advisor on contracting between government departments and foreign partners. In addition to security and defense, Ilia also has experience in the IT sector.

Aleksandar Vujičić

Mr. Aleksandar Vujicic is strategic adviser for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing with a wealth of experience in Financial advisory, Corporate Law and Security expertise; Anti Money Laundering. He is co-founder of the CfSP.

Aleksandar worked as the consultant  at OSCE, WB, IMF, UNODC. Also he was director and administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Financial Intelligence Unit-FIU) in Serbia. Aleksandar worked in Tax Police Serbia/ Ministry of Finance– Associate Head and in NCB Interpol, Serbia-Deputy Director, European Contact Officer.

Petar Radojčić

Petar is retired lieutenant general. He completed the National Defense School in 1999, the General Staff School in 1997. and the Military Academy of the Armed Forces in 1979. During his career, he served in 6 garrisons and performed many duties, at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. In the last 15 years of professional military service he was: teacher of the Land Force Tactics at the General Staff School; commander of the artillery brigade; operative in the corps command; commander of the Military District of Belgrade; chief of Department for defence affairs in Defense Ministry (DM); head of the Human resources Directorate (J-1) at the General Staff of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro (and the Army of Serbia) and director of the Defense Inspectorate. His professional military service stopped in December 2011.

His average official rating is – excellent (4.77). In the period from 2002. to the end of 2011, he actively participated in the drafting of laws and by-laws, as well as strategic and doctrinal documents in the field of defense.

In print and electronic (military and public) media, several articles, interviews, … were published in connection with the affairs that he performed.

From 2012 to 2017 he was engaged in the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court on the preparation of planning documents for the functioning of these state and state administration bodies in emergency situations and circumstances that are not peacetime, as well as establishing a system for the protection of classified information. In 2017, he was the bearer of the drafting of the new National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, which was presented to the public by the Democratic Party.

In daily and weekly newspapers, he has published several articles – about the situation in Serbia; military neutrality of the Republic of Serbia; relationship between Serbia and NATO; terrorism; migrant crisis; emergency situations; sovereignty of Serbia and other topics.

Advisory board

Dr Boro Vučinić

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, completed the postgraduate studies in the field of Human Rights as well as the Ph.D. studies in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Faculty of State and European Studies in Slovenia. For his doctoral dissertation “The Significance of Security Integrations for the Regional Stability and Security of the Western Balkans” (Pomen varnostnih integracij za regionalno stabilnost in varnost Zahodnega Balkana), Dr Boro Vučinić, received a special praise from the Faculty for his above-average scientific research work.

His work engagement began in 1979, in the construction work organization “Titograd”. Since 1984, he had been working in the bodies of the Municipal Assembly of Titograd.
He was performing the duties of the Director of the Supporting Development Fund for Building Land, Business Area and Roads – Podgorica, and he was the Vice President of the Municipal Assembly of Podgorica.

In the period from 2003 to 2006, he was the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning of Montenegro.After the referendum on the restoration of statehood in 2006, he was elected the first Minister of Defense in the independent Montenegro. He performed this duty until March 2012. He held the position of the Director of the National Security Agency of Montenegro from March 2012 until the end of 2014.

He was President of the National Commission for the Implementation of the Strategy for the Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing as well as a member of the Council for NATO, the National Security Council, the Rule of Law Council, the Emergency Situations Coordinating Team and the Bureau for the operational coordination of security services.

He was elected member of the Assembly of the Municipality of Podgorica and a deputy in the Parliament of Montenegro, the President of the Mandate and Immunity Issues Commission, a member of the Selection and Appointment Commission, a member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and a member of the Legislative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro.

In the previous period, he performed a number of important sports functions: the President of the Yugoslav Shooting Association, Vice President of the Yugoslav Olympic Committee and the head of the Yugoslav Sport Mission at the Mediterranean Games in Italy, 1997.He was one of the founders and first president of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee.

He is now serving as the ambassador of Montenegro in the Republic of Croatia.