About us

The Council for Strategy Policy („CfSP”) is an independent policy think-tank based in Belgrade, dedicated to the objective and comprehensive research of security, geopolitical and geo-economic issues that affect the surroundings and could potentially lead to conflict.

Our mission is to support the establishment of a sustainable, secure and prosperous democratic society as well as to promote the development of strategic policies that will affect regional peace and security and promote good neighborly relations in the region.

Through its work, the CfSP will prioritize the national interests of the Republic of Serbia and in that context promote the European and Euro-Atlantic values and regional cooperation, particularly in the area of security.

The CfSP Team will be focused on the importance of defining the foreign policy of the Republic of Serbia, which must be based on national interests, but above all, on the interests of the citizens. Through the integration of acquired experience, skills and knowledge, the CfSP experts will pay special attention to security and defense issues, international relations, scientific and technological challenges, defense industry and economy issues, asymmetric threats, energy and ecological risks as well as all other risks for human, national and regional security.

In that context, the CfSP will continually open the important and unresolved issues, but, more importantly, we will provide the innovative and optimal solutions without being influenced by any political discourse or political party.

A majority of the CfSP activities will be oriented towards research, analysis, education, public debate and cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, both national and international, in order to address all potential challenges and threats to reaching the sustainable regional development.