[DOWNLOAD] The report on the results of research “Foreign Policy Consequences of the COVID-19 Crisis regarding Serbia”

The research showed that the main topics on the front pages were the news related to the corona virus, total of 26.9 percent and daily politics 17.5 percent, and of the major foreign policy partners, the USA was the most represented 463 times, Russia 209 times and the EU 200 times.

The aim of the research was to analyze the way in which the western partners of Serbia (USA, EU and NATO) were represented on the front pages of the domestic press last year, and China and Russia on the other.

The analysis covered 2,673 front pages of five daily newspapers Večernje novosti, Danas, Blic, Kurir, Politika, Informer, Alo and Srpski Telegraf, from January 1. to December 31. 2020.

Out of a total of 2,673 main topics, fake news accounts for 16.8 percent of main headlines.

Complete research of the front pages and the results of focus groups with students of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade is attached on this link.

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